This was the root of our business.
We take the art of Belly Dance very
seriously and our quality shows. Many
of our dancers are recipients of
national belly dance awards!
Our beautiful dancer will come in with
very fast, effervescent music. She will
dance for the Birthday Person, wrap
their head like a sheik, and make them
look very "Sheik" indeed on his (or
her) birthday. The dancer is very
entertaining. Not only does she make
the Birthday Person feel special but
she entertains your Party and makes
the Birthday memorable for that
special Birthday (or other occasions)

After she finishes dancing she will
stand them up, Pin their Birthday
ribbons on, and adorn them with Party
Hat and Horns, Sing what ever is
fitting to the occasion and then
Present them with a very beautiful
balloon bouquet and read the special
message from friend, family or
Video service available